B-Line Lift

  • $65.00 + US shipping $7 = $72

    Designed to fit the B-Line frames. The Bowers Lifts allow for easy adjustment of the roller assemblies as you advance your quilt while quilting. Loosening and lifting the roller assembly by hand will be a thing of the past. Also, should you have hand or back issues or one end of your frame is close to a wall (min. space from wall is 3"); the B-Lifts allow easy adjustments as well.

    I have provided a photo of a B-Line Frame with the Bowers Lifts installed, if this frame is the same as yours, we're set. However, many folks have modified their frame, so should yours be different; I would need you to snap a couple digital photos. Take one looking at an outside end and one from the inside looking out. Fill the photo with just the frame end and as straight on as possible. Depending on what changes we would need to make for the B-Lifts to work on your frame the price could be a bit more.

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